Linguistics as a subject is concerned with linguistic diversity, language use and behaviour in different modalities (speech, sign language, gesture, writing) and in real-time (known as processing of language), as well as over a longer period of time, i.e. during language development. Some profile areas at the linguistic’s unit at Lund university are language typology, neurolinguistics, first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, multimodality, prosody and language documentation. Linguistic methodology includes qualitative and quantitative methods, field research, experimental research, corpus methods, etc.  Linguistics in Lund often draws on the research techniques and tools available at Lund University Humanities Lab.

Compulsory subject specialization courses

General linguistics

Students select courses totalling 30 credits within the General Linguistics specialization (master level courses)

For students with a bachelor degree in a language subject, and not Linguistics, can also following courses be compulsory (30 ects):

Please refer to the pages for each subject (under Second cycle level courses) to find out when the courses are offered:


More about the subject, research, staff etc.

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