Tidigare masterprojekt som beviljats medel från BRLP


Inga ansökningar om medel för masters-projekt inkom inom ramen för utlysning våren 2021. Hösten 2021 utlystes endast medel till doktorander och konferensarrangörer.


Inga utlysningar gjordes under år 2020 pga. pågående pandemi.


  • "Inclusive Writing in French - Differences in attitudes between French and Belgian Speekers"
  • ”Gestures and Gender: Their influence on speech-gesture production in Greek”.
  • "Översättning från kinesiska till svenska och en analytisk uppsats inom Översättarprogrammet vid Lunds universitet"


  • "Referential Iconicity in Music and Speech Within and across Sensory Modalities"
  • "Similarities and/or differences between genders in the production of a narrative text"
  • "Who Is Taking Charge? The Character of the Party Branch Secretary and the Practice of Local Governance in Beijing Shequ"

  • "A Picture is worth a thousand words: Chinese Editorial Cartoons and the Visualization of Politics" 


  • "Unagi-sentences in Japanese and Korean. A comparative study based on acceptability judgments"
  • "Temporal and Spatial Concepts in German and Chinese - a contrastive Analysis of Speech accompanying Gestures"
  • "KVINNA-MAT-metaforen: hur manlighet, kvinnlighet och sex konstrueras i reggaetontexter"
  • "Anti-corruption and State Capacity in north rural China in the 1960s and 2010s"
  • "The Gendered Character pf Climate Change: Migrated Men's Perspectives on Household Gender (in)equality, in Xiamen and Beijing"
  • "Soft Power in China"
  • Green Consumption and Ant Forest: the study of business strategies and individual attention of the personal carbon program in China"


  • "Keigo and its effects on aizuchi usage in native Japanese conversation"
  • "The encoding of Chinese imperative Discourse (CID)".
  • "Context dependent Topic-Comment Relations in Japanese and Korean"
  • "Voice quality and tone in Chichimeco Jonaz"
  • "Lean, clean and green: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and its manifestation of China's Normative Power in International Financial Governance Landscape"
  • "The Power Balance in the Upper Mekong Basin, China´s rising Influence"
  • "Tongzhi and China: Social Picture of being LGBT in One-Party State China"


  • "A comparison of French liaison acquisition strategies between monolingual and already multilingual L2 learners"
  • "An investigation about the influence of native language in learning Chinese lexical tones"
  • "Intra-Party Democracy in the People’s Republic of China"


  • "Perspectives of feminism in the Chinese society"
  • "Language Policy in Ukraine: Ideological representations on the Ukrainian Linguistic Landscape and in Ukrainian, Russian and Western English Language News Media"
  • "What is the extent and characteristic of code-switching between vernacular North African Arabic and French?"
  • "Wine Consumption and Urban Middle Class Identity in China - Imported Wine Consumption in Beijing"
  • "Internationalization of Higher Education in China - Experiences, Rationales, and Attitudes"
  • "The Graffiti Language on the Modern Greek Urban Landscape"
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