13th National Forum for English Studies 2025


The future in and of English Studies

The English Studies unit at SOL would like to welcome you all to Lund in April 9-11, 2025, for the 13th National Forum for English Studies ‘The future in and of English Studies.’  In connection to this theme, we invite papers that are focused on, for example, sustainability, AI, and global Englishes, or how English education in Sweden might change in the future to adapt to new times and circumstances. We also welcome teachers and researchers to present papers focused on teaching practices and ongoing research, whatever their focus may be. Seminars and workshops specifically for doctoral students will also be organised.  

More information about the important dates and the keynote speakers will be announced soon.

Contact us here: nationalforumenglund.luse

Sidansvarig: lene.nordrumenglund.luse | 2024-01-03