The Internet (distance) course English Grammar and Translation (ENGC02) is only offered in the spring.Q: I want to take this course the next time it's given, but I didn't apply before the final application date. Is it too late then?
A: Probably, since this course is generally very popular. You'd better apply before the last application date next time. Q: Do I have to be in Lund to take the exam?
A: No. If you can arrange with some other university, some "lärcentrum" or some embassy (for instance) abroad that they administer our tests according to our (simple) rules at the exact time the tests are given in Lund, you may take the tests elsewhere. Q: Are there any other (physical) meetings apart from the final tests?
A: No. Q: Will we be using web cameras, podcasting, live discussions, or anything like that?
A: Well, not really. We'll basically stick to e-mail, messages, links, and PDF files on the course web site and sometimes there are also discussions on the course Internet forum (where all registered users may post questions, comments and thoughts of various kinds).  On an experimental basis, other formats may also be used, like podcasting and downloadable lectures. Q: Are there any tests or assignments apart from the final exams?
A: Yes, there are eight written assignments, six of which have to be completed and uploaded before the specified deadlines (each student may choose which six assignments to submit to the teacher, except for the very first one, which is obligatory for everyone who intends to take this course). Q: May I participate in this course just for fun, without the intention of finishing it?
A: No.
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