Master of Arts in Language and Linguistics

Elective and optional courses

Elective and optional courses

You are required to take 15 hp as elective courses in addition to your obligatory courses in your subject. The elective courses must be on the second cycle and in the area of language and linguistics. You can choose from among all of the second-cycle courses within the MA programme, and, in consultation with the coordinator, within or outside your own specialisation. All these courses have separate admission requirements which you must fulfil. You will find the admission requirements on the course pages. Please consult the study advisor if you have any questions.

Please refer to the pages for each subject for all courses (under Second cycle level courses). There you will find information on which courses are given: Courses

Your optional courses can be within language and linguistics or in other areas, as long as they are relevant for your degree. They can be in the first (bachelor) or second (master) cycle. If you would like to take a course at the bachelor level or at an other department, you need to apply and get admitted through (the Swedish site). Apply at latest October15/April15.

Note that you are allowed to include no more than 30 credits from the bachelor level in your master degree (15 credits for a one year master). Your choice of courses must be agreed to by the contactperson in your specialisation and the programme coordinator.

Elective/Optional courses autumn term 2024

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Elective/Optional courses spring term 2024

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Elective/Optional courses autumn term 2023


For a quick overview of teaching times, and to avoid courses clashing, generate your own timetable:

Choose "Student group" in the drop down menu, and then HASPV-23H to get a compiled schedule. 

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