Masterprogram i Film- och mediehistoria

Master of Arts in Film and Media History

Centre for Languages and Literature in collaboration with Media History at the Department of Communications and Media.

Length of programme: 2 years (also offered as a one-year Master's)
Credits: 120 (or 60)
Educational level: Second cycle
Degree: Master of Arts
Main field of study: Film and Media History
Language of instruction: English

Admission every second autumn term. Next application deadline: 15 January 2025

Information about application and admission at

Application rounds

As an international student, you are encouraged to apply in the January admission round. This gives you time to pay tuition fees, apply for residence permit, find housing, etc. The April admission round can be an alternative for students from EU/EEA countries as they do not need a residence permit. Apply for the programme in the April admission round between March 15 and April 15 at But please note that this site is in Swedish and that you need to seek information for international students on your own. Information about application:

International Master's Programme in Film and Media History

In 2015 we inaugurated a two years master’s programme in Film- and Media History, as a collaboration between Film Studies (Centre for Languages and Literature) and Media History (Department of Communcation and Media) at Lund University. The programme will now be announced as an international education with English as teaching language. The Master’s programme in film and media history (HAFME) provides students with an opportunity for interdisciplinary specialisation. The name of the field, film and media history, underlines that the media studied are placed in a historical and therefore social, cultural and political context. At the same time the economic, technical, and aesthetic conditions will be studied and discussed. The aim of the programme is to prepare students for research as well as for work within different types of film and media activities: publishing houses, media archives, media companies, journalism. The MA in Film and Media History is a two-year programme including an opportunity to complete the programme after two semesters with a one-year Master’s degree. 



Anna Mrozewicz

Helena Nilsson (Filmvetenskap)
Tel: 046–222 93 80

Michael Rübsamen (Mediehistoria)
Tel: 046-222 40 51
E-post: Studievagledarekom.luse

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Läs mer om ämnet, forskning, personal mm.

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