LAMiNATE Talks: Annick De Houwer (Harmonious Bilingualism Network). Language diversity in our schools: research needs and pedagogical approaches

27 februari 2024 15:15 till 16:30 Seminarium


In today’s world, needing to learn and use several languages is of utmost concern and importance to many. Both emergent and expert bilingualism are thus very frequent and need to be studied even more than they already are. We especially need an increased focus on the communicative needs and well-being of the many bilingual and emergent bilingual children in our (pre)schools. Children in European schools have a need to learn to speak the societal/school language. Simultaneously, they need to continue learning any other language(s) they might be hearing at home. There often is a clash between those needs, which negatively affects both children and families' well-being. This talk demonstrates and explains the problem and offers ways forward in both research and teaching, so that all children who hear a non-societal language at home may develop harmonious bilingualism.

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27 februari 2024 15:15 till 16:30



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