Gulag Fiction from Stalin to Putin: identity, ethics, memory

13 mars 2024 13:15 till 15:00 Föreläsning

Professor Polly Jones Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages University of Oxford

The key question that Professor Polly Jones is interested in is how citizens of authoritarian regimes, especially writers and other cultural practitioners, find ways to express themselves, navigating or evading censorship and other political controls in the process. Much of her research to date, including her two monographs, has concerned the ways that memories of Soviet and Russian experiences were articulated in published and unpublished (samizdat, tamizdat) narratives in the Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Gorbachev eras. She is also interested in the literature and culture of the Putin era, especially its intersections with contemporary memory politics of the Stalinist and Soviet past. She will present her forthcoming book on Gulag literature from the 20th to the 21st century, talk about monuments and memory politics in present-day Russia and also mention her project on contemporary political prisoner narratives in Russian and Ukrainian literature and other media. 


She is the author of: 


Myth, Memory, Trauma. Rethinking the Stalinist Past in the Soviet Union, 1953-70 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013


Revolution Rekindled. The Writers and Readers of Late Soviet Biography (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019)


Om händelsen:

13 mars 2024 13:15 till 15:00

Center for Languages and Literature (SOL), Lund University Room H104 (hörsal)


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