Cognitive Semiotics Seminar: "The semiotics of the body: agentivity, experience and memory" (José Enrique Finol, Univ. del Zulia, Venezuela)

7 december 2023 15:00 till 17:00 Seminarium

In this guest seminar, Prof. Finol will discuss some of the "big topics" in the crossroads of linguistics, semiotics and phenomenology - and thus quite appropriate for cognitive semiotics! The talk will be given on zoom, but at least some of us will be in H402, so welcome to join us if you can!

My proposal is to situate the semiotics of the body and its enormous agentive power as a product of a historical and scientific context, where language has been the dominant center of two powerful currents. I am referring to the so-called linguistic turn, in the case of Philosophy, and the enormous development of the Sciences of Meaning, in particular Semiotics, with giants such as Charles S. Peirce, Ferdinand de Saussure, A. J. Greimas, Roland Barthes and Umberto Echo, among others. In Latin America with names like Eliseo Verón and Magariños de Morentín among others. The powerful theoretical and analytical forces of the Philosophy of Language and the Sciences of Meaning have dominated much of the social scientific paradigm during the second half of the last century. I think that influence continues today. Within this frame I would make some suggestions about the relationships between agentivity, memory and experience to advance towards a semiotics of the body, a field that I have called Semiosphere.

Om händelsen:

7 december 2023 15:00 till 17:00

IRL: room H402, online: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/61502831303


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