Tidigare workshoppar

Workshop on foreign accents in bilingualism: Influence, (in)complete acquisition and loss (November 2012)

Report from workshop, please see pdf below!

Workshop Bilingualism

Organisation of a workshop in French linguistics (June 2016)

“Big Data, Privacy and Surveillance in China: Regulations, Actors, and Debates” (October 2016)

The workshop was held at Elite Hotel 5-6 October 2016. Five scholars from Hong Kong and China as well as three researchers from Europe and Canada were invited. About 20 scholars and students participated in the workshop.

Workshop program

The issues discussed at the conferences were published and discussed in several blogs. Marina Svensson published "Towards critical big data studies in and on China" and in a blog on art and surveillance discussed how artists challenge and use big data in debating surveillance and engaging in sousveillance, “Art and Surveillance”.

Maoism as a way of Life - A Workshop on Research, Resources and Sources on the Social History of China, 1949-1979


Workshop: Island Constraints in the Mainland Scandinavian Languages (May 2016)

This workshop brought together researchers working on island constraints in the Mainland Scandinavian languages, mainly from a psycholinguistic perspective. The goal was to provide an opportunity to discuss how to interpret the results of recent works on extraction