Disputation i latin

Publicerad den 12 december 2019
Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich
Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich

Arsenii Vetushko Kalevich har försvarat sin avhandling i ämnet latin "Compilation and Translation: Johannes Widekindi and the Origins of his Work on a Swedish-Russian War". Fakultetens opponent var professor Kristi Viiding, Tallinn.

The work of Johannes Widekindi that appeared in 1671 in Swedish as Thet Swenska i Ryssland Tijo åhrs Krijgz-Historie and in 1672 in Latin as Historia Belli Sveco-Moscovitici Decennalis is an important source on Swedish military campaigns in Russia at the beginning of the 17th century. The Swedish version is also a significant monument of Early Modern Swedish language, whereas the Latin one is a most impressive piece of Swedish Neo-Latin historiography. Despite the importance of the work and the fact that the two versions are not identical, the relation between them has never been the subject to a thorough investigation. The dissertation seeks to analyze both the extrinsic and intrinsic evidence of Widekindi’s working process and thus to elucidate the substance of his texts.
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