KOM says hello to Emil Stjernholm

Publicerad den 21 september 2020
Emil Stjernholm

Who is our new colleague?

Emil Stjernholm holds a PhD in film studies from Lund University and most recently he has been working as a senior lecturer in Media and Communication Studies at the School of Arts and Communication (K3), Malmö University.

Currently, he is starting the new postdoc project Televising Information: Audiovisual Communication of Swedish Government Agencies, which is financed by the Swedish Research Council. The focal point of this media historical digital humanities project is Sveriges Television’s bulletin program Anslagstavlan, which has been a unique audiovisual communication tool for Swedish government agencies since 1972.

As part of the project, he will spend one year at the The Institute for Cultural Inquiry at Utrecht University and one year at the Department of Communication at the University of Copenhagen. Emil's main areas of research include media history, documentary film and propaganda studies. This semester, he will primarily teach on the Bachelor Thesis Course.

Emil is a major football fan and when Corona has passed you will see him on the stands at Malmö Stadion once more.