Georgios Stampoulidis


  • Kognitiv semiotik
  • Språk- och litteraturcentrum


E-post georgios.stampoulidissemiotik.luse

Rum SOL: H527

Helgonabacken 12, Lund

Box 201, 221 00 Lund

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Georgios Stampoulidis is a doctoral candidate in Cognitive Semiotics at Lund University. He is core-member at Urban Creativity Lund network and research fellow at Scandinavian Metaphor network. He has more than 5 years of experience researching in cognitive semiotics different aspects of meaning-making, such as the polysemiotic nature of human communication, the interaction between language use and pre-linguistic experience through dialogue, as well as visual rhetoric and pictorial narratives.He is a contributing author to Visual Communication, Cognitive Semiotics, Public Journal of Semiotics, Street Art & Urban Creativity. He draws on a range of quantitative and qualitative methods including go-along phenomenological interviews and other ethnographic methods, corpora and experimental design research.





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Spring 2018 - present

PhD student representative at Supervisory Board for Cognitive Semiotics

Spring 2018 - present

Associate Editor, Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS), Lund University, Sweden