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Jag är professor i engelsk språkvetenskap och docent i allmän språkvetenskap.


Ph.D 1999, University of Edinburgh (teoretisk språkvetenskap)

MA 1993, BA 1992, Tammerfors universitet (engelsk filologi, nordisk filologi, journalistik, socialpsykologi, psykologi).


Om forskningen

(Sorry, no Swedish here...)

My research is mostly in the field of theoretical syntax, with particular reference to Finnish and the other Finnic languages; and to English. My earliest work focussed on adverbials and their positions. I have also worked on prepositional and postpositional phrases; on relative clauses; and on argument structure and realization (esp. on passive and impersonal constructions in Finnish). I am currently investigating the properties and uses of so-called ideophones in Finnish, English and Swedish; a lot of this work is done jointly with FD Maria Wiktorsson from Malmö University.

In addition to doing purely linguistic research, I have also worked on more pedagogical and educational topics, such as the value of teaching study planning to university students, and the challenges of teaching academic writing to non-native speakers / writers of English. This work is done jointly with FD Ellen Turner and FD Cecilia Wadsö Lecaros.


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Övriga uppdrag och meriter

Sorry, no Swedish here...

I am member of editorial board for Nordic Journal of Linguistics (2009 --> )

I have acted as referee for the following journals (for most of them several times):

  • Journal of Linguistics
  • Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics
  • Finnisch-Ugrische Mitteilungen
  • Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
  • Nordic Journal of Linguistics
  • Nordic Journal of English Studies
  • SKY Journal of Linguistics
  • Studia Linguistica
  • Syntax

I have reviewed a number of research grant proposals for external funding bodies in both Sweden (The Swedish Research Council) and abroad (The British Academy, UK; The Kone Foundation, Finland).

I have acted as examiner for the following Ph.D theses:

  • Katarina Lundin, 2003, Lund University.
  • Fabian Beijer, 2005, Lund University.
  • Johan Brandtler, 2010, Lund University.
  • Saara Huhmarniemi, 2011, University of Helsinki.
  • Hanna Glad, 2016, Linnaeus University / Växjö
  • Nele Põldvere, 2019, Lund University (reserve).

I am trained in CPR (hjärt-lungräddning) and have undegone fire-safety training at LU. I am also a deputy safety representative for teaching committee 4 (LK4).

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