New funding for researchers in English linguistics

Nele Põldvere and Vasiliki Simaki at the English unit of the Centre for Languages and Literature have secured new research funding.

– Published 5 August 2020

Vasiliki Simaki and Nele Põldvere
Vasiliki Simaki and Nele Põldvere

Funded by Crafoord, Nele Põldvere will be hired during the autumn as a postdoc researcher for joint work with Carita Paradis, and in collaboration with Rachele De Felice (UCL). The title of the project is: The art of giving advice in everyday conversation.

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Together with colleagues from Political Science (LU), Economics (Göteborg), Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (LU) and Biology (LU), Vasiliki Simaki has received funding from BECC for a project entitled Glyphosate in social media: a spatio-temporal analysis of twitter controversies among European stakeholders.

BECC – Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate