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Lund Slavonic Monographs

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  1. Milan Bily, Intrasentential Pronominalization and Functional Sentence Perspective (in Czech, Russian and English). SEK 40:-
  2. Barbara Törnquist Plewa, The Wheel of Polish Fortune. Myths in Polish Collective Consciousness during the first Years of Solidarity, 1992. SEK 200:-
  3. Karin Sarsenov, Passion embracing death. A reading of Nina Sadur's novel The Garden, 2001.
  4. Alexander Pereswetoff-Morath, A Grin without a Cat, I: Adversus Iudaeos Texts in the Literature of Medieval Russia (988-1504), 2002.
  5. Alexander Pereswetoff-Morath, A Grin without a Cat, II: Jews and Christians in Medieval Russia - assessing the sources, 2002.
  6. Johanna Lindbladh, Att berätta i tid och rum. Människans unika värde och dess upplösning i Dostoevskijs och Petrusjevskajas berättarkonst. 2003.
  7. Julia Larsson, Basic Tendencies of Adjectival Accentological Development in Contemporary Russian, 2004.
  8. Miloslava Slavickova, Bohumil Hrabals litterära collage, 2003.