Master of Arts in Language and Linguistics

  • Length of programme: 2 years (also offered as a one-year Master's)
  • Credits: 120 (or 60 credits)
  • Educational level: Second cycle
  • Degree: Master of Arts
  • Main field of study: Language and Linguistics
  • Language of instruction: Common courses are given in English. Other courses are taught in English, or the language of your field of specialisation. 

Admission every autumn term. Application deadline: 15 January. Information about application and admission is found under each specialisation on


The April admission round can be an alternative for students from EU/EEA countries as they do not need a residence permit. Apply for the programme in the April admission round between March 15 and April 15 at But please note that these pages are in Swedish and that you need to seek information for international students on your own.

Advanced studies in languages and linguistics

Lund University offers a unique opportunity for pursuing advanced studies in languages and linguistics at the MA level. If you have a BA degree (or the equivalent) in a language or linguistics (phonetics and/or general linguistics), you are eligible to take a 2-year (120 credits) MA degree at the Centre for Languages and Literature. With such an MA degree, you would be attractive for employers looking for a highly qualified person with a specialised knowledge in communication and language. An international MA degree in language and linguistics also provides you with the academic background you need in order to apply for PhD studies in languages and linguistics.

After your studies

The Centre for Languages and Literature offers students access to the most modern resources for research and education. You will meet and study together with students from a number of different fields of specialisation, such as Arabic, Cognitive Semiotics, English, French, General linguistics, German, Greek/Modern Greek, Latin, Phonetics, Spanish,  Swedish/Scandinavian languages among others. All MA students meet in the obligatory course in Philosphy of Science which is given in English. Other courses are taught in English, or the language of your field of specialisation. 

The Centre for Language and Literature houses a modern library with a large selection of electronic books and journals as well as access to computers for research and information seeking. The program's librarian will assist you in obtaining literature you need for your courses and research. The Centre also houses Lund University's Humanities Laboratory which contains up-to-date facilities for conducting investigations in language processing (e.g. eye-tracking, neurolinguistic experiments using ERP, psycholinguistic experiments), as well as facilities for digitization and database construction. The Centre also has its own café where students and staff can meet together over a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

Welcome to Lund University and the Centre for Languages and Literature!


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