Each semester you are active at the Centre, i.e. study and/or sit examinations, you must also be registered so that your results can be entered in LADOK, the University’s computer system for study results. There are three different kinds of registration:

  • nyregistrering = registration for the first time
  • fortsättningsregistrering = registration during the second semester for a course that runs over two semesters
  • omregistrering = re-registration, if you have attended a course earlier on, but have not completed all modules

You must register for courses each semester, either in the Student portal or by the offices which administer the different subjects.

Exam certificates/study certificates: registration certificates

Ladok is the University’s data base for course registrations and study results. Each university has it's own Ladok. Please note that you can print out valid certificates through the Student Portal.  It is the course administrator, who, among other things, administers LADOK records. (S)he can help you with a certificate, if you cannot do it yourself. You can also ask for certificates in the reception in the foyer.

Find your course administrator...

...for help with registrations, results and other things connected to Ladok
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