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We encounter language daily and all languages are in a continuous state of change. That Old East Norse and modern Swedish are different is obvious to anyone, but the Swedish language is subject to constant variation and change, even in our time. This means that there is a steady need to understand and explain how the Swedish language works.

Studying Swedish with us

The Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL) offers courses and programmes in Swedish, at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. Our courses in Swedish aim to give you increased awareness of the Swedish language and its structure, tools to question and explain myths about language, and the opportunity to improve your writing skills. On our first cycle courses, you learn to describe and analyse the Swedish language in linguistic terms. You also learn about the history and development of the Swedish language, and the variations present in contemporary Swedish. Our second cycle courses offer you the opportunity to specialise in many different aspects of the Swedish language. Under Courses Offered and Study Programmes in the left hand column, you will find more information about our freestanding courses in the Swedish language, and about our degree programmes – Language Consultancy, Translation and the Master’s Programme in Language and Linguistics specialising in Swedish/Scandinavian Languages. We are also part of the University’s Secondary School Teacher Training programme.

Our research in Swedish

Researchers associated with our department conduct research in several Swedish language specialisations, such as language history, grammar, text linguistics and discourse analysis. We conduct research into the structure and use of the language, past and present. The subject of Swedish also includes several forms of comparative study with other languages offered at SOL. Read more about our research under the links on the left.

Knowledge transfer beyond the University

We want to communicate to wider society the knowledge of Swedish that we have at the department. We therefore write popular science books and articles, we participate in debates in the arts pages of national newspapers, we hold lectures in various contexts and answer questions on various linguistic phenomena. The subject of Swedish has a close collaboration with the other Scandinavian languages at the department: Danish and Icelandic. We also offer courses in Swedish as a foreign language for exchange students, university employees and others who want to learn or improve their knowledge of Swedish. If you want to learn more about Swedish from the perspective of language learning, for example in order to teach Swedish as a second language, there are courses in Swedish as a second language.


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