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Cheating and plagiarism

As a student, you are obliged to follow the laws and rules that apply at Lund University. Cheating and disruptive behaviour are disciplined with a warning or suspension.

A basic rule for students at Lund University is: don’t cheat. However, it is sometimes difficult, especially for new students, to know what is required. Make sure that you find out through your programme what rules apply, for example with regard to referencing and citation in essays and exams.

  • If you quote from books, other students’ texts, Internet texts, or similar, you MUST always clearly name the source. It is NEVER permitted to copy the texts of others directly and present them as one’s own!
  • In written examinations, home assignments and similar, always follow the instructions given as to aids allowed (often none at all!) and other information you are given by the invigilator and the teacher. 

In accordance with Swedish law, measures can be taken against students who are found guilty of cheating and/or plagiarism. This means that the University has the right to bar individual students from all studies at Lund University for a shorter or longer period if it can be shown that the student has broken the following rules. Read more at