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In case of emergency

Crisis and Disaster Plan

The SOL Board has prepared a Crisis and Disaster Plan for the Centre for Languages and Literature in order to create preparedness for coherent and clear leadership, and to develop routines for action in the case of serious events.

If you need to contact the emergency services or another authority, use the list of telephone numbers below.

Be sure you know where the nearest fire extinguisher is located and where the evacuation routes are. There are two alternative routes. Study the evacuation maps displayed in corridors and stairwells. The assembly point in the case of an emergency evacuation is the University Library Park.

In an emergency, dial: 112

Don't forget to dial 0 first if you are ringing from an internal telephone.

University security: 20 700

If you need to contact a security guard or the University’s on-call staff, dial 20 700. From abroad, dial:

  • +46 46 222 07 00

Incident report

Always fill in an incident report form (link below). You will then be given help to ensure that all the necessary reports and contacts are made.

No incident is too small!

For example: observations, break-ins, theft, lost keys or access cards, threats or violence.

Telephone numbers in alphabetical order:

Remember to dial 0 first if you are ringing from an internal telephone.

  • Ambulance request: 040–676 93 00
  • Emergency services: 112
  • Healthcare advice: 1177
  • Medical Products Agency: 0771–450 450
  • Occupational Health Service: 046–222 32 80
  • Poisoning Information: 08–33 12 31
  • Police (non-emergency): 114 14
  • Work Environment Authority: 040–38 62 00

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