Withdrawal and Approved leave

Exchange students

If you are an exchange student – speak to your co-ordinator first about your choice of courses and any possible interruptions!

Early withdrawal

If you start the course, but for some reason discover during the first three weeks that you cannot/do not wish to continue, you can request early withdrawal. You do this via Ladok in teh studentportal www.student.lu.se by logging in with your student account details or by contacting the student office. Early withdrawal means that you will have the opportunity to apply for the course again for a different semester – although you will not be guaranteed a new place.

Approved leave and deferment of studies

If you have started a programme and are unable to continue due to something unexpected (e.g. illness, pregnancy, military service) you can apply for approved leave from your studies.  Students admitted to a programme have the opportunity to apply for a deferment of studies if there are special grounds. Special grounds may be that your employer has postponed your leave of absence, in accordance with Swedish legislation on leave of absence for studies, that you have been drafted for basic military training, or that you have fallen ill. In addition to your personal details, the application must include the programme concerned and your grounds for deferment. These grounds must be supported; therefore, you must include, for instance, certified copies of relevant documents (doctor’s certificate, draft order, etc.). In order to re-claim your place, you must apply for the study programme via www.universityadmissions.se by the application deadline and, in connection with this, upload or submit the formal decision. Ask your study counsellor for advice on approve leave and deferment.

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