Russian Studies

Russian is the most spoken of the Slavic languages and is the first language of around 170 million people. In addition, Russian is spoken by a large part of the population in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

As a lawyer, political scientist, economist, journalist, cultural scientist, translator or interpreter, Russian language skills enable you to establish a distinctive profile in a competitive labour market. Your studies will give you unique expertise that is attractive to many employers, not least in view of the heighted political and security situation that is developing in the Baltic region. During your studies you will, above all, improve your practical skills in the Russian language, but you will also devote time to literary and cultural studies which, based on an historical perspective, deepen and problematise today’s stereotypical image of Russian culture, literature and society.

Russian Studies

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Johanna Lindbladh

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Marina Andersson

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Johanna Lindbladh

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