Credit transfer

The term “credit transfer” may refer to different things. At the department, we mainly perform credit transfer within courses or study programmes (recognition of qualifications). However, credit transfer can also refer to transferring credits for an entire course to a degree, and to transferring credits from exchange studies abroad. 

Credit transfer – recognition of qualifications

Students admitted to and registered on a course or study programme at the department who have previously studied other courses that correspond to any of the courses/modules included in our courses/programmes can apply to have the credits they obtained transferred to the current course/programme. Courses studied at other higher education institutions in Sweden and abroad may be eligible for credit transfer. Your application will be processed by the study advisor, and the decision will be taken by the examiner of the course. Please note that you must be registered on the course/programme before you can apply for a credit transfer. Things to consider if you want to transfer credits from a course or module
  • We do not transfer credits for courses/modules that comprise significantly fewer credits than the course offered at our department, and we usually do not allow students to submit assignments to make up for the missing credits.
  • Credit transfer may affect your right to student finance from CSN.
  • Most courses/modules for which credits have been transferred will be indicated as TG in Ladok, but there may be exceptions. For more information, contact the study advisor for your course/programme.
  • Applications for credit transfer must be made on a special form provided by the study advisor.
  • The processing time varies, but the better documentation you provide, the faster your application will be processed. Contact the study advisor well in advance. 

The application is to include

  • a Ladok transcript (or equivalent) indicating which courses the requested credit transfer refers to and the number of credits they comprise
  • course syllabi and reading lists of the courses for which you wish to be granted a credit transfer. The reading list you provide must be the one that applied when you studied the course.

Contact your study advisor

  • Feel free to contact your study advisor before you start preparing your application for a credit transfer. 
  • The study advisor can provide you with the form to be used when applying for a credit transfer.

Transferring credits to a degree

If you have studied entire courses at another university in Sweden or abroad, you may request to have the credits you obtained transferred to your degree. If you are a programme student, your programme director will decide whether or not to approve the credit transfer. If you are studying freestanding courses to be combined into a degree, the Degree Office will decide whether or not to transfer credits for courses outside your main field of study to your degree. Courses studied abroad are normally eligible for a credit transfer to a degree. For more information, visit the Degree Office pages (under FAQs). 

Credit transfer for exchange studies

If you have been away on an exchange programme, you may be eligible for a credit transfer, or recognition of qualifications, for the course/s you completed. If you are a student at the Centre for Languages and Literature, we recommend you to contact the International Office at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology for more information.

The degree certificate is issued upon your request by the Degree Office.

Transfer credits from your exchange studies

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