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SVEE: Introductory meetings and registration

Final admission

The final admission will take place when the student registers at the introductory meeting. A student who was preliminary admitted but does not attend (or is late) to the introductory meeting or first lesson without a valid reason will lose his/her place, which will be released to the next student on the waiting list. Your coordinator on behalf of the SOL-Centre will sign your enrolment forms for these courses.

Unable to attend the introduction meeting?

A student, who has a justifiable reason for not attending the introductory meeting and wishes to keep his/her place, must notify the course administrator by e-mail with enough anticipation that the message will arrive at least the day before the introductory meeting.

Date and time for introductory meetings, spring 2020 (to be updated)

The introductory meetings will take place on 27 January 2020 in room MA1 as follows:

  • Level 1 (SVEE11): 16.00
  • Level 2–5 (SVEE12–15): 17.00
  • All EXTA (EXTA24–25 LTH):18.00

The room MA1 is located on Sölvegatan 20 in Lund.


A registration for SVEE will be made in the system during the first two course weeks, provided you have an agreement with your LU coordinator to follow the course and attend lessons.


Questions about applications for SVEE/EXTA:
Please contact your LU coordinator.

Questions about levels and groups (after admission):
Course administrator
Linnea Lundahl

Questions regarding registrations and results in the Ladok system:

Course administrator
Gunilla Ek Werner