Beginner's course in Swedish: 60 credits (SFSH60)

Lund University offers an intensive beginner's course in Swedish, fulltime, two semesters - the so called "Study abroad-Programme". The course is open for all, and a passed result from the highest level (8) will give eligibility in Swedish for university studies in Sweden, corresponding to the TISUS-test or "Svenska 3". More information about the course is to be found here: Swedish as a foreign language: Level 1-8. The course code is SFSH60.

The application for this course is made via the international admission page - see link below. Please note the information on deadlines for applications given on the admission pages!


Till anmälan / To application

Har du redan läst en hel del svenska tidigare?

Om du har kunskaper i svenska ungefärligen motsvarande B1 eller B2 på den europeiska CEFR/GERS-skalan kanske våra kurser i svenska på högre nybörjarnivåer kan vara något för dig? Läs mer här!


Course administrator

Gunilla Ek-Werner

Study advisor

Peter Marthinsson

Director of studies

Lena Larsson


Ny i Lund?/New in Lund?


Hitta i Lund/Find your way in Lund

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