Student seminars

In cooperation with the study counsellor at SOL

Study techniques 26/1 2021

University studies require that you have self discipline. A good study technique is neceesary for a successful outcome. This seminar will be in Swedish.

[Translate to English:] Student som syns bakifrån och antecknar i ett block

If you think it is difficult to develop a good study technique yourself, the Academic Support Centre can help. Welcome to an open seminar on Zoom about study skills.


  • January 26 15.15–17.00 (in Swedish)


  • The Auditorium (SOL:H104)

Read about the Academic Support Centre: Academic support centre (

From a degree to a career 30/3 2021

Please note that this seminar will be in Swedish.

Välkommen till ett öppet seminarium på temat Från examen till arbetsliv! Seminariet vänder sig alla studenter vid SOL, från den som nyss har påbörjat sina studier till den som är på slutet.


  • Onsdag 30 mars kl 15.15–17


  • Hörsalen (SOL:H104)


  • Arbetslivskoordinator Mattias Fall
  • Studievägledare Rakel Nihlén och Åsa Wikström

CV seminars 4/5 and 11/5 2021

Need some help to write your CV and application letter?

[Translate to English:] Bild på en CV-mall

When applying for jobs or internships, your cover letter and your CV are your most important tools. Career coordinator Mattias Fall will give you useful tips and advice at open seminars on CV writing.


  • In Swedish: Wednesday May 4, at 15.15–16
  • In English: Wednesday May 11, at 15.15–16


  • SOL:H135a


  • Career coordinator Mattias Fall

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Career coordinator

Contact the Career Coordinator to make appointments for career guidance, CV-guidance and related questions.


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