SVEE: Application and placement

How to apply

In order to apply for a SVEE course you should include it in your online application. Talk to your LU-coordinator if you have questions about how to do it!

If you wish to apply to a SVEE course you must include it in the same request to your coordinator as with your other courses. A full-time semester normally consists of 30 Swedish credits (=30 ECTS) to which a SUSA-course may be added. You must consult your Lund coordinator if you may take more or less credits.

If you wish that the credits that you get for these courses be recognised by your home university then you must ask the coordinator at your home university about this in good time.

Students from LTH

Students admitted through agreements with the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) must contact their coordinator if they wish to apply to Swedish Levels 1–2 since alternative Swedish courses (EXTA24 to 25) are offered specially designed for LTH incoming exchange students.

Non-beginners levels

If you have completed level A2 on the CEFR-scale you can apply for SVEE12 or SVEE13. If you have completed level B1 or higher with a successful result you can apply for SVEE14 or SVEE15 (see above). An online placement test will be arranged by the Centre for Languages and Literature ­- see below!

Exchange students may normally be admitted to one module during their whole stay in Lund. In certain cases students may be allowed to continue to a higher level depending on availability and the student's performance. Information about the possibility to continue will be announced in class towards the end of the course and a decision will be made after the final test and only with the coordinator's consent.

Placement test

There will be a placement test for SVEE12, SVEE13 and SVEE14. PLease note! If you participate in the previous level of Swedish at LU or SUSA12 first, you do not have to participate in the separate placement test.  All other students will be notified via email on how to do the test online. Test date for spring courses 2023 will be 18 January at 16.00, via email.

Special arrangements for SUSA12-students

Please note! Students who attended SUSA12 and applied for higher SVEE levels will be placed in SVEE-groups based on their result on the SUSA12-test and should not participate in the placement test.


Questions regarding the SUSA-courses:
Course administrator
Gunilla Ek Werner

Questions regarding application for SVEE/EXTA:
Please contact your coordinator at LU.

Questions regarding groups, levels, registrations, results (SUSA and SVEE/EXTA):
Course administrator
Gunilla Ek Werner 

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