Swedish for exchange students at Lund University

SUSA – introductory courses in Swedish 

Lund University offers a short introduction to the Swedish language. The course is called SUSA and it is designed to give exchange students a smooth integration into the Swedish society. A successful exam will result in 3 ECTS. Instruction is offered at two levels:

  • SUSA11: beginning/no previous knowledge of Swedish
  • SUSA12: intermediate 

If you have previous knowledge of Swedish corresponding to level B1 on the CEFR-scale, please let us know, and we will place you into the SUSA12 group. Please note that SUSA12 does not follow on SUSA11, but are considerably more advanced.

SVEE – Language courses in Swedish

As an added value to the student exchange programme and to awake an interest in the language and culture of the host country as well as to facilitate communication, Lund University offers Swedish Language courses to exchange students. 

Depending on availability, SVE courses can be taken as part of, or in addition to, your approved course load. Courses are offered as evening courses from level 1–5, all of them worth 7.5 credits/ECTS. 

Be aware that the SVE courses may not be recognised by your home university for credit transfer purposes. It is therefore important that you check this information with your coordinator here i Lund and your academic advisor at your home university.

Regular students, regardless if they study at bachelor, master or doctoral level, are not eligible to register to these courses.


Questions about the SUSA courses:
Course administrator
Gunilla Ek Werner

Questions about applications for SVEE/EXTA:
Please contact your LU coordinator.

Questions about levels and groups (after admission):
Course administrator
Gunilla Ek Werner 


Evening courses in Swedish (7,5 credits) at different levels.

Ny i Lund / New student in Lund?

Hitta i Lund / Find your way in Lund


A very short introduction to Swedish language and culture (3 credits)