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Borne in 1934. Professor of general linguistics at Roskilde University (Denmark) 1972–1982), in Swedish at Lund University (Sweden) 1982–1999. President of the Swedish language Council 1987–1999.

I have been active in various fields of research, e.g. Swedish language history, Swedish grammar, Swedish as a school language, language standardisation and language politics.

I am a member of various faculty of arts academies in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


About the research

For some years I have been working on grammaticalization processes (prepositions, auxiliaries, pronouns), mostly during the early literary period. At present I am studying the birth and development of the grammatical category of conjunctions (as different from subjunctions). In two recent publications I have discussed the relation between dialects asnd standard language in early modern time and the use of Swedish as a language of science (instead of Latin) in the 18th century.


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Ulf Teleman

Professor Emeritus
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