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I’m a PhD-student in Phonetics. I’m interested in speech motor control, prosody, and in the relation between the physical and the cognitive aspects of speech, in other words the link between Phonetics and Phonology.


About the research

My research is about coordination of articulatory movements, and relates to both segmental and supra-segmental phonology. For this purpose I use an ElectroMagnetic Articulography (Carstens AG501, which can record movements in both time and space, like motion capture.

My dissertation project is specifically about the effect of different parameters on the overlapping manner of articulatory movements.

The work contributes to phonetic basic research, medical research on speech and language disorders, and research into human-computer interaction.


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Malin Svensson Lundmark

Doctoral Student
Centre for Languages and Literature

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E-mail malin.svensson_lundmarkling.luse

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