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Associate Professor in Latin. My thesis, "Letters of a Learned Lady" was part of an interdisciplinary research project on the Swedish poet and letter writer Sophia Elisabet Brenner (1659-1730). As a spin-off from this project, I coedited an anthology on Brenner, published in 2010. I participated in interdisciplinary projects: on the Skara Missal (12th century), and in a project resulting in editions of polemical texts of the Late Swedish Reformation period. Moreover, I worked with editions of medieval offices. 2011-2015 I have been a part of the Ars edendi research programme (Stockholm University), coordinating and editing the book "The Arts of Editing Medieval Greek and Latin: A Casebook" (PIMS, Toronto 2016). 2016-2019 I work within the research project "Formative Wisdom" with the Latin reception of monastic sayings, which will be followed by participation in a project on the cultural evolution of texts. I teach Latin, palaeography and textual criticism.



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Elisabet Göransson

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