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Born in 1965 in Hässleholm in northern Scania, I became fil. kand. (approx. BA) in Scandinavian languages, history and literature studies in 1988 and then fil. d:r (approx. PhD) in Scandinavian languages in 1997 at Lunds universitet – with a thesis on late medieval Swedish law language. Also thereafter I have mainly done research on Swedish style or language history, concerning such materials as soldier's handbooks and tourist brochures and such phenomena as calendarian time expressions. This focus on language in use has also lead me to a theoretical interest in text notions and text terminology. In 2010 I was appointed as docent (approx. associate professor) in Scandinavian languages. Since 1998 I have also worked part time as a lexicographer at the historical comprehensive dictionary of the Swedish Academy in Lund, from 2015 as its chief editor.


About the research

My current research concerns the style history of the non clause formed sentences, or rather that subcategory thereof that the Swedish Academy Grammar (SAG) calls main clause equivalents. These latter are not at all stylistically uniform, as they consist of everything from specifically written language types as head lines and sign texts to specifically spoken language types as Sw. tyst (med dig) 'shut up'. Apart from the former types there might by a notion of these main clause equivalents being a rather young phenomenon in written language as part of a modern "uprise" against the norm of complete main clauses. One might therefore expect that these main clause equivalents became more and more rare as the written language of the oldest times became more and more standardised. Yet, there is also reason to believe that at least some types have had there functional place in written language of all times, however standardised it was, although perhaps different types in different genres (or at different times).


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Other tasks and qualifications

Editorial secretary of the periodical Arkiv för nordisk filologi.
Chief editor of The dictionary of the Swedish Academy (SAOB).

Bo Wendt

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