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During my studies at St. Petersburg University (2007–2014) I mainly focused on Lucan's "Pharsalia", especially on the author's use of geography and natural history of his time. Eventually, however, I also became fond of a completely different area, namely Swedish Neo-Latin literature, 17th century prose in particular.

The object of my research now is "Historia Belli Sveco-Moscovitici Decennalis" (1672), a Latin version of "Thet Swenska i Ryssland Tijo åhrs Krijgz-Historie" (1671) by Johannes Widekindi. It covers events from King Sigismund's setbacks and dethronement in Sweden to the Treaty of Stolbova and its aftermath, counting among the main sources on Ingrian war and the Russian Time of Troubles. It has, however, not yet been closely studied from a philological point of view, that is with a due attention to the work's tendency, narrative technics and the author's language and style, in particular the relation between the Swedish text and the Latin one.



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Arsenii Vetushko-Kalevich

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