What is Phonetics?

Phonetics is the science of sounds in human language. It deals with the various aspects of speech, i.e. speech production, speech perception, speech acoustics and phonology.

How do you study Phonetics in Lund?

Phonetics at Lund university is included as a specialization in Linguistics. Have a look at the flow chart below for a more detailed description of the structure from undergraduate education via the conjoined Master’s program all the way to Doctoral studies in Phonetics and the connected subjects.

Central aspects of phonetic research

Phonetics as a subject is concerned with various aspects of spoken language interaction which comprises perspectives within speech production, speech perception, speech acoustics and phonology, and the interface between these fields.

Profile areas in phonetics at Lund university include phonetic variation and prosody across and within speakers, languages and communicative situations and the description of speech sound production. Ongoing research on speech technology, human-animal communication and multimodal interaction is also present in cooperation with the Humanities lab.

Phonetic methodology is mainly instrumental and includes recordings of speech activities (e.g. interaction or narrative), analysis of sound waves based on speech, visualization of articulator movements (ElectroMagnetic Articulography) and listening experiments concerned with identification and evaluation of sounds as speech, among others.

Affiliations and facilities

Phonetics at Lund university draws to a large extent on the research techniques and tools available at Lund University Humanities Lab, an interdisciplinary department for research technology and training at the joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. The Lab hosts technology (e.g. eye-tracking, EEG, motion capture, articulography) and methodological know-how, a language archive connected to the European consortium for language technology CLARIN, and also offers training opportunities. Lab activities are centred around issues of communication, culture, cognition and learning.

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