Summer courses 2024

Summer courses are open for registration at between February 19 and March 15. Some courses might be open for late registration either until the start of the course or until the places are filled.

Summer courses in English 2024. For courses with Swedish as the language of instruction, switch to the Swedish page.

Ukrainian for Beginners 5 hp

Learn some basic Ukrainan. The course is based on the study of simple dialogues and texts in Ukrainian using basic vocabulary and grammar. Strong emphasis is placed on communication skills. The student practices oral and written language skills in exercises for listening comprehension, reading, writing and conversation.

Contemporary Ukraine: Perspectives on Politics, Society, Culture and History

The course covers the Ukrainian society of today from political, cultural and identity- related perspectives against a solid historical background that illuminates how Ukrainian culture, identity and agency have emerged in the linguistic and religious borderlands of the Russian, Hapsburg and Ottoman empires. The course focuses particularly on state and nation-building in post-Soviet Ukraine since 1991 in a larger regional context and places a strong emphasis on identifying the factors that led to Russia's war against Ukraine.

English: Grammar and Translation

This is an Internet-based course that teaches you more about general grammar, English grammar, and the grammatical differences between Swedish and English. Because of the fact that differences between Swedish and English play such a big role in this course, Swedish is a formal requirement, and the course is not an option for most exchange students. The only exception is exchange students with native or near-native proficiency in Swedish.


English Studies

More about the subject, research, staff etc.

Ukranian Studies

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