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Teri Schamp-Bjerede is a licentiate candidate in language didactic studies. She has worked within higher education in Sweden since 2003 and first received her Bachelor's degree in English from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2004. She then completed her MSc degree in IT from the University of Liverpool in 2009.

Working in language and digital didactics, her research focuses on EFL writers and computer-generated feedback (CGFB) as affordances. Researching the processes employed when writing with a word processor, and question linking to the use CGFB and its beneficialness for learning an L2.


About the research

Teri's research will focus on English writing and feedback in the teaching environment.


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Other tasks and qualifications

*Book Publications*
Schamp-Bjerede, T (2012) ‟Communication: Writing and Technology”. In: Forsberg C (ed.), Skrivhandboken – en praktisk, pragmatisk handbok för lärare på högskolor och universitet, Kristianstad University Press, Kristianstad, pp. 25-34.

Mattisson, J; Schamp-Bjerede, T (2012) ‟The Boilerplate: A Writing Aid for Students”, in Forsberg C (ed.). In: Skrivhandboken – en praktisk, pragmatisk handbok för lärare på högskolor och universitet, Kristianstad University Press, Kristianstad, pp. 35-51.

*Journal and Conference Publications*
Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2013). “Knowledge Dump: that’s not what I wiped, griped, sniped, TYPED”. In: Lärarlärdom Högskolepedagogisk konferens 15 August 2012 Karlskrona Sweden. 2013(01) pp. 31-41.

Schamp-Bjerede, T (2012) ‘The Labelization and Identity of Lisbeth Salander’. In: Forum for World Literature Studies, Shanghai Normal University, Purdue University and the Wuhan Institute for Humanities, 4(12) pp. 307-315.

Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2012). ‟Incorporating Affective Aspects into Pedagogy”. In: Högskolepedagogisk Debatt. VFU, Handledning, Skrivarprocess, Digitala Verktyg, 1, Kristianstad University Press, Kristianstad, 1(2) pp. 47-56.

Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2012). ‟On the Fence with the New Liberal Arts: Student Reflections on Teaching Media for Expression and Communication”. In: Lärarlärdom Högskolepedagogisk konferens 2011 i Kristianstad. Kristianstad, Sweden 17 August 2011. Kristianstad: Kristianstad University Press, pp. 49-56.

Mattisson, J.; Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2012). ‟The Boilerplate: A New Look at a Familiar Device. Writing in English for “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants””. In Högskolepedagogisk Debatt. VFU, Handledning, Skrivarprocess, Digitala Verktyg, 1(2) pp. 31–42.

Mattisson, J; Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2012). ‟The Boilerplate Project 2011–2012”. In: Högskolepedagogisk Debatt. VFU, Handledning, Skrivarprocess, Digitala Verktyg, 1(2) pp. 43–46.

Mattisson, J; Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2012). ‟Learning Through Technology: A Report on the Implementation of a New “E-Learning Tool”. In: Problems of Education in the 21st Century, 23, pp. 146-157.

Mattisson, J; Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2010). ‟A New Twist on an Old Tool: Joint Learning With An Innovative Cognitive Writing Tool”. In: The European College Teaching & Learning (ETLC) Conference 2010. Dublin Ireland 7-10 June 2010, 7(8) pp.45-54.

Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2010). ‟Learning Tools with Pedagogical Standards”. In: Lärarlärdom Högskolepedagogisk konferens 2009-2010. Karlskrona Sweden 18 August 2010. Karlskrona: Printfabriken.

Mattisson, J; Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2010). ‟Reflections on Threshold Concepts as Applied to a New E-Learning Tool: A Pilot Study at HKR Spring 2010”. In: Lärarl ärdom Högskolepedagogisk konferens 2009-2010. Karlskrona Sweden August 2010. Karlskrona: Printfabriken.

*Conference Presentations (no publication)*
Bjerede, M.; Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2012). ‟Writing and Mobile: Can Mobile Form Factor in Content Creation”, Consortium for School Networking 2012 K-12 Technology Leadership Conference ReImagine Learning. Presentation, 5 March -8 March. Washington D.C.

Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2011). ‟The Boilerplate: a Generic Writing Tool with an Encapsulated Tutoring Component”, NCPTW - National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Presentation, 4-6 November. Florida International University, Miami, Florida.

Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2007). ‟Who I Am vs. Who I can Be: A Look at the Importance of an Avatar to Its Creator”, League of Worlds Conference. Presentation, 9-13 October. Karlskrona, Sweden.

Schamp-Bjerede, T. (2007). ‟Impulsive Aesthetics: Interaction of Technology in Nature”, The Virtual 2007 - M3: Man Medium Machine Research Platform Conference. Presentation, 20-22 September. Södertörn, Sweden.

*Website Projects*
Walter Draycot Web Project Digital Artefact (

This website addresses how academics can work with remediated text, and bring new angles to traditional published texts; not only by making them available on-line, but also by incorporating and merging new technology to benefit the researcher.
In collaboration with author Associate Professor Jane Mattisson: This site is specially designed for literary specialists with an interest in the representation of 'self' in autobiographical writing.

I am Acting Webmaster. I have coded the site using W3C standards, and have worked with Jane Mattisson, giving the whole site a feel of academic standard, without losing the goal of the project itself, communicating knowledge by weaving text and images to fulfill the aims and goals requested by Jane Mattisson.
-Fall 2010
Concept, Design, Wire Framing and research into W3C content and accessibility issues.
-Spring 2011
Core Creation and HTML /XHTML coding (no WYSIWYG used).
-Summer 2011
Finalization of coding, uploading and website review (accessibility, browsers, computer standards as to computer requirements, etc.
-Spring 2012
Full Website Update

Teri Schamp-Bjerede

Doctoral Student
English Studies
Centre for Languages and Literature

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