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I am a Ph.D. student in General Linguistics. My main interest concerns semantics and semantic relations. Language development is another research interest of mine. I find it particularly intriguing to investigate the interaction between language and cognition, how speakers express and understand abstract and metaphorical meanings and how these abilities develop from childhood through adolescence and beyond.


About the research

My thesis project is about the semantic development of older children and adolescents (9-17 years). More specifically, I’m investigating how the language use changes from being mostly about concrete objects and phenomena, to the usage of more and more abstract and metaphorical meanings. In my analysis of written compositions, I will mainly focus on the meanings of adjective and noun combinations, and the role of the adjective for the interpretation of the noun. The study of meanings and their level of abstraction from a developmental perspective, might also give some insights about the interaction of language and cognition during those years.


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Simone Löhndorf

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General Linguistics
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