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I am a PhD student in general linguistics where I investigate the early stages in the acquistion of tone languages. Using behavioural and ERP methods, I examine how beginner learners of a tone language process its tonal aspects. I also analyse what neural changes occur within the first hours of the acquistion of an artificial tone language and whether a tonal native language background hinders or benefits the process.

I received a Bachelor's degree in general linguistics from Paderborn University where I focused mainly on language change and linguistic variation. During my Master's degree at Lund University my attention gradually shifted to neurolinguistics which resulted in a Master's thesis examining the processing of different degrees of grammaticalisation in English. I subsequently worked as a research assistent at Lund Univesrity where I gained ample experience in the recording and analysis of ERP data.


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Sabine Gosselke Berthelsen

Doctoral Student
General Linguistics
Centre for Languages and Literature

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E-mail sabine.gosselke_berthelsenling.luse

Phone +46 46 222 99 06

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