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My name is Riccardo Guglielmi and I am currently studying for a PhD in Italian linguistics.I have taught Italian at Lund University since 1999; among my subjects are grammar and phonetics.


About the research

In my doctoral thesis, which has my fil. lic. thesis "I nomi del paesaggio – La toponomastica di Vallebona" as its basis,I examine place names (especially microtoponyms) in and around Vallebona, a small village in West Liguria.
More specifically, I will examine which suffixes are used to form toponyms, their semantic importance and their function and productivity within the local dialect. I will also examine the linguistic strategies used to recall various place-names along with resorting to linguistic strategy in order to facilitate the capacity for memory in oral cultures.
In addition, my intention is to ascertain both the phonetic and lexical aspects such as specific syntactical characteristics in the dialect of Vallebona compared with dialects from coastal and inland areas. The syntactical differences between the most important dialects in the areas might possibly be used as a basis for subdivision of the dialects spoken in West Liguria. My idea is that the toponyms’ phonetic, morphological, lexical and semantic characteristics may be used in a similar manner in order more easily to define isoglosses in this area.

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Riccardo Guglielmi

Senior Lecturer
Italian Studies
Centre for Languages and Literature

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