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I completed my PhD in English Linguistics at Lund University in 2019.

My research is couched in the broad framework of Cognitive-Functional Linguistics and focuses on the dynamic co-construction of meaning in spoken dialogue. It argues for a broad conception of constructions (i.e. form-meaning pairings that make up language), especially those expressing stance, where the constructions are seen as incorporating not only morphosyntactic and lexical-semantic information but also prosodic, dialogic and socio-pragmatic features. My data come primarily from the London-Lund Corpora, two corpora of spoken British English from different time periods of Present-Day English. On the one hand, the corpora are used as a synchronic resource to describe and define the constructional properties of various stance constructions; on the other hand, the corpora are used to track the development of the constructions over the last half century.

The London–Lund Corpus 2 was compiled by our team in Lund.


About the research

I am currently involved in compiling a spoken language corpus comparable to the London-Lund Corpus of spoken British English and representative of British English as it is spoken today.


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Other tasks and qualifications

Prizes and awards:

  • Runner-up of De Gruyter Mouton Best Junior Paper Award (ISLE 5 international conference, July 2018, London, UK)
  • Winner of the Best Pre-Doctoral Presentation Prize (AELCO international conference, October 2016, Alcalá de Henares, Spain)

Nele Pöldvere

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English Studies
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