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I have a background as a teacher of French, English and Swedish as a second and foreign language. I have also been teaching Phonetics at Lund University.


About the research

My thesis project deals with presentation of pronunciation in encyclopedias, i.e. phonetic transcriptions and their corresponding sound recordings. A major goal is to investigate the users' attitudes and preferences. Sociophonetics is an essential ingredient in this work.

Other topics of interest to me are pronunciation as part of second and foreign language teaching, and furthermore, film and stage pronunciation in talking and singing.

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Other tasks and qualifications

Pronunciation editor at Nationalencyklopedin (Swedish National Encyclopædia)1989–1986, consulting phonetician working for its Internet version from 2007 on.

Forensic phonetician at Statens kriminaltekniska laboratorium (Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science) 1995–2006.

Foreign lecturer in Swedish at the Università degli studi (National University), Milan, Italy 1979–1980.

Mikaël Stenberg

Doctoral Student
Centre for Languages and Literature

Contact information

E-mail mikael.stenbergling.luse

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