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Merle Horne's research focuses on the investigation of interaction of prosody, grammar and lexicon in spoken language processing. The studies have a highly interdisciplinary character and involve the use of brain-imaging techniques available at the Humanities Lab and the Lund University BioImaging Center.



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Other tasks and qualifications

. 1972: B.A. (French) Dalhousie University, Canada
. 1976: M.A. (Linguistics) University of Ottawa, Canada
. 1987: Ph.D.(Linguistics), Lund University


. 2018-: Member of RÅG A (Rådgivande grupp A: Register och databaser samt infrastruktur för analyser och material för humaniora, medicin och samhällsvetenskap), Swedish Research Council

. 2005-2008: Member in Committee for Research Infrastructures, Swedish Research Council
. 2008: Member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies’ expert panel evaluating research infrastructures in the Humanities and Social Sciences

. Previous Head of Dept. of linguistics and phonetics, Lund University
. Previous Coordinator of Dept. of Linguistics, Centre for Language and Literature, Lund University

. 1992-1996: responsible scientist for HSFR/NUTEK speech technology project ‘Intonation in restrictive texts: modelling and synthesis’, Lund University
. 1997-1999: Responsible scientist for HSFR/NUTEK speech technology project ‘Prosody, grammar and discourse’ (subproject within the national ‘Swedish Dialogue Systems’), Lund University.
. 2001-2002: Responsible scientist for VINNOVA speech technology project ‘The role of function words in the processing of information in spontaneous speech: integrating prosodic and segmental cues’
. 2003-2004: Responsible scientist for VINNOVA speech technology project ’The role of function words in spontaneous speech processing’.
. 2005-2009: Responsible scientist for VR-project ‘Grammar, prosody, discourse and the brain. ERP studies in speech processing’
. 2010-2012: Responsible scientist for VR-project ‘Abstract, emotional and concrete words in the mental lexicon’
. 2011-2014 : Responsable scientist for HT-project 'Humanities and Medicine (HuMe)'
. 2012-2016: Responsible scientist for VR-project ‘Imaging tones: fMRI studies on the processing of prosody in the human brain'

• Co-supervisor for Mikael Noven's dissertation on changes in the brain's microstructure during acquisition of Swedish as L2 (in progress)
. Co-supervisor for Andrea Schremm’s dissertation Cognitive and neural mechanisms of inflectional morphology processing: Studies of native speakers and second language learners of Swedish (2018)
. Co-supervisor for Pelle Söderström’s dissertation Prosody and prediction in neural speech processing (2017)
. Co-supervisor for Sabine Gosselke’s dissertation on acquisition of grammatical tone (in progress)
. Main supervisor for Frida Mårtensson’s dissertation Concreteness, Specificity and Emotional Content in Swedish Nouns" (2016)
. Main supervisor for Mikael Roll's dissertation "The Neurophysiology of Grammatical Constraints" (2009)
. Co-supervisor for Gilbert Ambrazaitis’ dissertation Nuclear Intonation in Swedish – Evidence from Experimental-Phonetic Studies and a Comparison with German" (2009)
. Co-supervisor for Petra Hansson’s dissertation Prosodic Phrasing in Spontaneous Swedish" (2003)

. Member of Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi (The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters)
. Member of Vetenskapssocieteten i Lund (New Society of Letters in Lund)

Merle Horne

General Linguistics
Centre for Languages and Literature

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Mobile +46 72 202 03 86

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