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I am a professor of Scandinavian languages and also a reader in general linguistics. I teach mostly Swedish language courses with various content. In addition I regularly supervise student papers.

I was trained as a general linguist, with an interest in syntax, morphology and the relation between the two. I am also interested in linguistics variation, whether it be from a typological, a geographical or a sociolinguistic point of view. Lately I have however focused more on Scandinavian, which shows a variation that never stops fascinating me. I also work on the syntax of North Sámi.

In addition, I am co-editor of Nordic Journal of Linguistics.


About the research

The main focus of my research is grammar. I am interested in syntax and in particular in the relation between morphology and syntax and the syntax of words. I some works I have combined theoretical grammar with a typological approach, dealing with large samples of languages, but the languages that I have researched in more detail is (Northern) Sámi and Scandinavian (which I think one could fruitfully see as a linguistic whole).

My earliest works dealt with the relation between verbal morphology and verbal syntax, in Sámi and in language in general. This line of investigation also led to analyses of tense syntax and of certain phenomena found in the verbal domain in Scandinavian.

I then turned to nominal syntax. Starting from the considerable variation found in the nominal domain in Scandinavian, I developed a model for the structure of nominal phrases which I think could be applied to other languages as well.

More recently I have been working on various topics in Scandinavian syntax and on the syntax of the North Sámi verb phrase.



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