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I am professor in Swedish with a ph.d.-degree from Lund University. For nine years I was working as an assistant researcher within The Swedish Academy Grammar. For a shorter period I was also a lexicographer at the The Swedish Academy Dictionary. For four years I was Swedish lecturer at The University of Southern Denmark, Odense. My main field of interest is situation type semantics and tense. Within this field I have done both theoretical and empirical work. In addition I have an interest in literary stylistics, especially modern Swedish fictional prose. (Note that my previous surname was Christensen.)


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My ph. d-thesis deals with verbal expressions with future time reference in Swedish. In the study I suggest a model for the contextual anchoring of the finite tenses and shows how this anchoring effects the verbal expressions with future time reference in various ways. My recent work considers situation type semantics within a Vendlerian framework. One aim of this work is to define the role of the lexicon in relation to compositional aspect. I have done empirical studies on for instance the narrative structure of Danish urban legends and on language acquisition, especially the acquisition of verbs and tense in two Swedish boys recorded by diary notes.


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