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The last six years I have had the benefit of spending most of my time doing research, due to a grant from The Swedish Scientific Foudation. Beginning with the Spring semester 2010, I am back in the normal situation of doing both teaching and research; I am keeping my appointment as a member of the linguistic research committee.
My research tasks for the moment are entirely grammatical, often with a comparative twist; I am studying backward bidning, stylistic fronting, head movement, do-support in connection with verb phrase ellipsis and verb phrase fronting, and aspects of argument structure. I am also finishing a book manuscript entitled "Den fantastiska grammatiken. En minimalistisk beskrivning av svenskan", which has been accepted for publication at Norstedts.


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I am presently trying to account for certain types of null-subjects in Swedish, which like English must pronounce the subject except when ellided due to coordination (Johan åt hamburgare och drack mjölk) and in cases with Topic drop (Var år Kalle? Sitter där borta). In addition to these types, there are also cases like "I gräset kan (det) finnas ormar" and "Det var (det) bra att du sa". Studying these and other randomly appearing examples, I have found traces of a hidden operation in Swedish which I call "Spurious topic drop" which can be shown to be operative in many of the occasional cases where the subject can be left out. I have been occupied by this research during the spring semester 2011, and part of the material has been presented in an article that will be published in a Festschrift. As a by-product, I have also looked at Split Topicalization (cases like Bilar har han många) from a syntactic point of view, which also has been presented in a paper, aimed for another Festschrift.


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