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My field of research covers questions dealing with the perception of mainly moving images from an evolutionary perspective, taking my theoretical point of departure in cognitive semiotics and perception psychology. My research aims at, with help from technology such as eye-tracking, showing how gaze patterns change when being exposed to different types of stimuli.

I also devote myself to translation theory in a broader sense. Cultural semiotics has since long been theoretically and methodologically interested in studying cultural encounters in space and time, and to examine how these are represented in literary texts, chiefly. These translations may be of an interlingual, or intralingual kind. Translations may also be intersemiotic as transcodings between texts and film/pictures.

2015-2016 I'm participating in the project "The making of us and them", funded by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg foundation.



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Anna Cabak Rédei

Cognitive Semiotics
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