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My research area is Phonetics with primary specialization in typological prosody. My research concerns the relationship between rhythm and intonation, intonation and lexical tones, prosody and song and between prosody and information- and discourse structure. I have examined prosodic phenomena in several typologically different languages, namely Russian, Mongolian, Kammu (an Austroasiatic language spoken in northern Laos) and Formosan languages Bunun, Seediq and Puyuma. I have a particular interest in the relationship between prosody in natural (spontaneous) speech and other linguistic phenomena. I have done descriptions of prosody in standard Mongolian and Kammu and is one of the coordinators of the digital resource 'Repository and Workspace for Austroasiatic Intangible Heritage' (RWAAI) and Lund Digital Atlas of Language and Culture (LUNDIC). I have done fieldwork in Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Laos and Thailand. I teach prosody, phonology, and Russian.



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