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I am interested in design semiotics, design theory, design research, sustainable mobility and social innovation. The agentive approach to design semiotics enables us to conceive better products in order to improve social equity, universal accessibility and environmental responsibility.

I hold a MA in Semiotics. My MA thesis "Significance Conditions in Artefacts" was honoured as Laureate. I am Associate Professor and Lecturer of agentive semiotics for the MA in Design at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

I am a member of the International Association for Cognitive Semiotics-IACS; International Association for Semiotic Studies-IASS/AIS; International Association of Visual Semiotics IAVS; Latin-American Federation for Semiotics-FELS; Colombian Association for Semiotics-ASC and Ibero-american Organization for Rhetoric-OIR


About the research

I propose an agentive approach to semiotics of design. The project aims to answer the following questions: What is agency? Are artefacts endowed with agency? If artefacts have agency, what kind of agents are they? Unlike traditional semiotic analysis of design, the agentive approach implies focus not only on the artefacts, but on interactions between agents using artefacts. Semiotics of Design is the study of meaning in the specific field of design professions (industrial design, graphic design, architecture, among others) addressing the way in which designers and users make and share meanings by means of artefacts.


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