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Our book Ur regnskogens skugga about Daniel Rolander (a disciple of Carl Linnaeus) who went to Suriname for research was nominated to the August Prize in November 2012 and was awarded the Verbala priset
at Svenska Publishinggalan 2012 ("for a masterpiece in cultural history and one of the best account of a travel ever").

My fields of research are varied: Vergil, St. Birgitta of Sweden, the correspondence of Chancellor of the Realm Axel Oxenstierna, Daniel Rolander's Diarium Surinamicum. I have also co-edited a collection of articles about Sweden's first woman poet, Sophia Elisabet Brenner (d. 1730). For details about my research see the list of publications below.


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My main field of research is Neo-Latin: the diplomatic correspondence of Axel Oxenstierna, the works of Swedens's first woman writer, Sophia Elisabet Brenner, and the scientific and literary achievements of Daniel Rolander, a disciple of Carl Linnaeus.

My most recent contribution to Oxenstierna scholarship was an edition of Sir James Spens' and Jan Rutgers' letters to the chancellor (from London and The Hague respectively). The next book will be an edition of Carl Marinus' letters from Switzerland.

As regards Brenner research I edited (in cooperation with Valborg Lindgärde and Elisabet Göransson) a collection of papers, Wår lärda Skalde-fru, Sophia Elisabet Brenner (2011). My article is devoted to Mrs. Brenner as a propagator of the Swedish language. I am working on the liminal poetry to her Poetiske Dikter 1713.

Daniel Rolander's journey to Suriname gave very important contributions to zoology and botany. On his return he was marginalized and became "the invisible naturalist", to quote my colleague, James Dobreff, who has published articles (e.g. in Harvard Papers in Botany) demonstrating the importance of Rolander's discoveries. In October 2011, a book, Ur regnskogens skugga (Out of the shadow of the rain forest), with a monography by Dobreff illuminating Rolander's double roles as scientist and man of letters came out (Max Ströms förlag). The edition of Rolander's Diarium Surinamicum is on its way to the publisher, Humanistica Lovaniensia (500 pages)

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- Kungl. Humanistiska Vetenskapssamfundet i Lund
- Kungl. Samfundet för utgivande av handskrifter rörande Skandinaviens historia samt
- Vetenskapssocieteten i Lund

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- the board of the Swedish Institute in Rome (vice chairman)
- the board of the San Michele Foundation (vice chairman)
- the editorial committee of the Swedish Institutes in Athens and Rome (vice chairman)

Research in thematic form

"Three Notes on the Eclogues of Nemesianus", Eranos 79 (1981), pp. 47–55.

(with Bengt-Arne Roos) "A Note on Aeneid 6.893-8", Eranos 94 (1996), pp. 21–28.


St. Birgitta of Sweden
Alfonso of Jaén. His Life and Works with Critical Editions of the Epistola Solitarii, the Informaciones and the Epistola Serui Christi (Studia Graeca et Latina Lundensia 1). Dissertation. Lund 1989. 207 pp. [Epistola Solitarii is available at]

(with Rosalynn Voaden) "Recommended Reading: Defining the Medieval Visionary. A Facing-Page Comparison of the Middle English and Latin Texts of the Epistola solitarii ad reges of Alfonso of Jaén", in: The Medieval Reader, Reception and Cultural History in the Late Medieval Manuscript, ed. by Kathryn Kerby-Fulton and Maidie Hilmo (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, third series, vol. I), New York 2001, pp. 149–224.

"Alfonso av Jaén", in: Birgitta, hendes værk og hendes klostre i Norden. Redigeret af Tore Nyberg (Odense University Studies in History and Social Sciences, vol. 150). Odense 1991, pp. 129–141.

St. Bridget's Revelations to the Popes: An edition of the so-called Tractatus de summis pontificibus (Studia Graeca et Latina Lundensia 1). Lund 1997. 69 pp.

"On the so-called Tractatus de summis pontificibus", Birgittiana 1 (1996), pp. 15–27.

[Review of] Hans Torben Gilkær, The Political Ideas of St. Birgitta and her Spanish Confessor, Alfonso Pecha ... Historisk Tidskrift 1995 (115), pp. 116–120.

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Jönsson, Arne, "Swedish Gothicism from Saint Birgitta (d. 1373) to the Poetess Sophia Elisabeth Brenner (d. 1730)" and "El goticismo en Suecia desde Santa Brígida hasta la poetisa Sophia Elisabeth Brenner", in: Ruiz, Enrique Martínez, och Pi Corrales, Magdalena de Pazzis, Scandinavia, Saint Birgitta and the Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostela - El mundo escandinavo, Santa Brígida y el Camino de Santiago, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela 2002, pp. 285–296 resp. 595–606.

Jönsson, Arne, "Sveriges märkligaste enskilda arkiv. Om Heliga Birgittas uppenbarelser", in: Kyrka, helgon och vanliga dödliga. Årsbok för Riksarkivet och Landsarkiven 2003, Uppsala 2003, pp. 11–21.

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"Ex-Bishop Alfonso of Jaén, St. Bridget’s Evangelist", in: Santa Brigida, Napoli, L’Italia. Atti del Convegno italo-svedese Santa Maria Capua Vetere, 10–11 maggio 2006 a cura di Olle Ferm, Alessandra Perriccioli Saggese, Marcello Rotili, Napoli 2009, pp. 75–93.

[Review of] Maria Berggren (ed.), Homiletica Vadstenensia. Ad religiosos et sacerdotes [Vadstenapredikningar. Till munkar och präster] (Corpus Christianorum. Continuatio Mediaevalis, 229) Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2009, LXXXI+331 sidor. ISBN 978-2-503-52808-3 (inb). Svenskt gudstjänstliv 2011

Mediaeval playing cards
"Der Ludus cartularum moralisatus des Johannes von Rheinfelden", in: Schweizer Spielkarten 1: Die Anfänge im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert. Schaffhausen 1998, pp. 135–147.

"Card-playing as a Mirror of Society – On Johannes of Rheinfelden's Ludus cartularum moralisatus", in: Ferm, Olle och Volker Honemann (eds.), Chess and Allegory in the Middle Ages (Sällskapet Runica et Mediævalia, Münster, Stockholm and Uppsala Universities), Stockholm 2005, pp. 359–372.

Editio princeps av Johannes von Rheinfelden, Ludus cartularum. Work in progress

Other works
"St. Eric of Sweden - the drunken Saint?", Analecta Bollandiana 109 (1991), pp. 331–346.

[Review of] David Herlihy, Women, Family and Society in Medieval Europe, Historical Essays, 1978-1991. Historisk Tidskrift 1997, pp. 336–338.

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History of medicine
(with Greta Runnquist-Olsson) "Ordnung des Medici zu Aureck damals auff Hertzog Magnus zu Ostergotland cura gerichtet" (Latinsk text med svensk översättning och noter), in: Runnquist-Olssons Hertig Magnus av Östergötland. En psykiatrisk studie (Sydsvenska medicinhistoriska sällskapets årsskrift. Supplementum 9) Lund 1987, pp. 112–125.

(with Arne Olsson) översättning (med inledning och kommentarer) av Johan Linder, Om gifter, Kristianstad 1998. 200 pp.

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Swedish Latin poetry
"En främling i det svenska landskapet – Om en Agave americana i Uppland på stormaktstiden", Svenska Linnésällskapets årsskrift 1998/1999, pp. 81–94.

"The Battle of the Muses. Language policies and literary polemics in 17th Century Sweden", in: Dais Philesistephanos. Studies in honour of Professor Staffan Fogelmark. Edited by Pär Sandin and Marianne Wifstrand Schiebe, Uppsala 2004, pp. 332–351.

(with Valborg Lindgärde) "Vår nordiska Sappho. Antikt och modernt i Sophia Elisabeth Brenners diktning", in: Språkets speglingar, Lund 2000, pp. 567–576.

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"Mångspråkig poet i språkpatriotisk debatt", in: Valborg Lindgärde, Arne Jönsson and Elisabet Göransson) Wår lärda Skalde-fru, Sophia Elisabet Brenner och hennes tid, Ängelholm: Skåneförlaget 2011, pp. 304-327

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Letters from Sir James Spens and Jan Rutgers), The Works and Correspondence of Axel Oxenstierna (Rikskanslern Axel Oxenstierna skrifter och brevväxling), second series, thirteenth volume, Stockholm 2007. Preliminary version on the net:

Carl Marinus' and Johan Joachim von Rusdorff's letters to Axel Oxenstierna, The Works and Correspondence of Axel Oxenstierna (Rikskanslern Axel Oxenstierna skrifter och brevväxling), second series, 14th volume. (Marinus' letters available on the same web page.)


(with Anders Piltz) Språkets speglingar. Festskrift till Birger Bergh, Ängelholm: Skåneförlaget 2008, 688 pp.

(with Per Beskow and Stephan Borgehammar) Förbistringar och förklaringar. Festskrift till Anders Piltz, Ängelholm: Skåneförlaget 2008, 736 pp.

(with Valborg Lindgärde and Elisabet Göransson), boken om Sophia Elisabeth Brenner och hennes tid, planerad att utkomma hösten 2010.

(with Valborg Lindgärde and Elisabet Göransson) Wår lärda Skalde-fru, Sophia Elisabet Brenner och hennes tid, Ängelholm: Skåneförlaget 2011, 536 pp.

Arne Jönsson

Professor Emeritus

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E-mail arne.jonssonklass.luse

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Helgonabacken 12, Lund

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